Our service for assisting the sales of your products through Amazon Japan's marketplace

For shipment of your products to Amazon Japan’s FBA marketplace, you must appoint a
service provider as your Attorney for Customs Procedure (ACP), if you do not have a
Japanese entity to act as an importer.

ACP is responsible to the customs office to ensure that imported goods would comply with
local laws and regulations. ACP is also responsible for helping sellers prepare proper
shipping documents with declared values based on fair cost calculation in order to
conform to the tariff law.

However, the ACP system is not applicable to certain products which require a license or
authorization issued by other government organizations than the customs office.
Such products include foods, beverages, kitchenware, infants’ toys, drugs,
pharmaceutical items, cosmetics, etc.

1) Registration of ACP
You can appoint us to act as an ACP by submitting jointly signed documents to the customs office.
Once an ACP certificate is granted, it is valid permanently until your information is changed.

2) We will provide the following services as your ACP :
●Proper consultation and support for choosing the best means of transport.
●To assist preparation of legitimate documentation for customs purpose
●Translation service
●To receive returned goods and forward to the country of your choice.
●To receive goods which were returned by Amazon due to labelling deficiencies or others.
To ship back to Amazon after meeting Amazon’s standard.
●Other services as requested

3) Food & beverage
On behalf of a seller, we may be able to act as an importer for food & beverage
products which cannot be imported using the ACP system.

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