Fashion industry
We manufacture several hundreds of newly designed fashion bags every year at associated factories in China for distribution across Japan.

Food & beverage industry
We represent several renowned brands of European beverages and teas such as Vitamont Lemonade (France), Frisante Sangria (Spain), Jing Tea (U.K.) etc.

Art industry
- We represent Airplac brand (France) plastic foam boards for the graphic art market.
- We import equipment and technology from a world top class candle art technology company, Ural Candle Factory, Russia to propagate candle art in Japan.

Gift & Premium industry
Complying with various requests from the clients, we source most appropriate gift items from manufacturers of all parts of the world.

- Other products : Besides, we import products of various other fields such as:

* Ladies’ underwear & Pet wear from China

We can provide various assistance and support for those who want to explore import or export activities with Japanese partners.

- We provide sellers and buyers with adequate logistical support, proper market information and quality services tailored to your specific needs.

- We provide you with cost and expense saving information, such as preferential duty application by taking advantage of FTA (Free Trade Agreement) or EPA (Economic Partnership Agreement) between countries concerned.

We export genuine Japan made products of different industries to the global market, such as:

- Useful and outstanding household articles, stationery, electronic products, umbrellas etc.

- Typical Japanese alcoholic beverages such as Sake, Shochu, Plum liqueur, etc.

- World’s top branded beef (Wagyu), rice, and many other food stuffs for gourmets and healthy diet enthusiasts.

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